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NN Modular

Your Bathroom Pods partner for your projects

shipped flat pack to your destination.

Work smart, not hard. Reduce your project construction time and gain profits.

Material selection and final finishes achieved are equal or even superior to conventional construction techniques.

What are bathroom pods?

  • Our bathroom pods offer a hassle-free solution for bathroom installations.

  • Traditional onsite construction often leads to delays, safety concerns, and subpar outcomes. Common issues include budget overruns, scheduling disruptions, and post-construction defects.

  • Our modular bathroom pods are the answer. Here's how it works: we craft your bathrooms offsite in a controlled factory environment, fully engineered and ready for quick onsite installation.

  • With streamlined manufacturing, there's no need for extra onsite trades once connected to services. The convenience, quality, and efficiency of our bathroom pods have made them a favorite among Worldwide builders and developers. Upgrade your construction process with our bathroom pods today!

Move from tradition and
into the modern with NN Modular!


Why would you benefit from a modular bathroom solution?

All  bathroom pods are manufactured and assembled in our dedicated factories in Vietnam and China, providing a quality finish that is unachievable on a building site.

hình 3.jpeg

Easy Modular Bathroom Installation

After the bathroom pod is craned up and wheeled into place, it's a simple process to connect the building’s electrical, plumbing, and ventilation systems.

An NN modular bathroom pod can be positioned and connected onsite in under 2 hours.

hình 4.jpeg

Fully Complete, State-Of-The-Art Bathroom Pods

Each bathroom pod is delivered to your site as a completed and fully tested unit. Once the pod is connected onsite, no further trades are required. The bathroom pod can remain locked until handover.

Got questions?

Are you interested in expanding your knowledge about Bathroom Pods models or exploring personalized options that can be tailored to fit the unique style of your project?

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