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Bathrooms built Modular for a fast installation on traditional construction projects.

Meet Bathroom Pods, the most growing modular construction technology globally

What are Bathroom Pods?

  • Factory-built Modular Bathrooms, for high-rise buildings and villa projects.

  • Fitted with plumbing, mechanical, and electrical lines in our factories.

  • Connected to the building’s main utilities service connections upon installation, Plug&Play.

  • 100% Completed with tiles finish and sanitary ware 


We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality Bathroom Pods for Social housing, Hotels, Apartments, Villas projects and have unparalleled experience in design, manufacture, and supply. Bathroom pod designs can either be selected from the wide variety of popular footprints in our design library or new bespoke designs can be developed to meet individual project requirements.

kitchen pod.jpg

Kitchen Pods

Kitchen pods are a compact and modular solution for modern kitchens. They are self-contained units that include all necessary components for a functional kitchen, and can be easily installed or repositioned in small living spaces.

The irrefutable benefits


Why would you benefit from a modular construction solution?

All NN Modular pods are manufactured and assembled in our dedicated factories in Vietnam and China, providing a quality finish that is unachievable on a building site.

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State-Of-The-Art models with easy installation

NN Modular products incorporate latest technologies and engineering advancements, ensuring that you receive top-quality and highly efficient models. Our installation process is straightforward and hassle-free, allowing you to have your bathrooms set up quickly.


Don't forget about sustainability

By using standardized modules that are efficiently manufactured off-site, waste and environmental impact are significantly reduced. The controlled factory environment allows for more efficient use of resources, making it a smart choice for sustainable construction.

When it comes to Bathroom Pods manufacturing, we are your dedicated partner in quality, advice, design and delivery.
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